Saturday, February 14, 2009

On the Destructive Potential of Ants

(Editor's note: To those of you who found this by Googling "can ants be destructive", or "do ants eat brick", or something similar, I advise you read the post on Google Searches, which does contain the actual answer)

My house became infested with ants a couple of weeks ago. They're gone now, but I still can't help thinking about them. Ants are quite similar to termites in many ways. If you live in a wooden house, and your house becomes infested with termites, you have a serious problem. Termites eat wood.

But I don't live in a wooden house. And ants don't eat wood. As far as I can tell, they eat leaves, other insects, and chocolate, and cake, and almost anything else. But not wood. That eased my fears a little, until one day in the kitchen cupboard, I noticed a line of ants crawling out of a hole in the wall. Ants don't eat wood, or bricks, but they do dig. Brick and cement are no obstacle to them. That got me wondering. Could ants dig through a house until the point that it collapses. And how do I know how many holes are running through my wall. Do architects think of that sort of thing?
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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... good point... :O

Lol, I love your style of writing ^~^

....Now you've made me paranoid about ants demolishing my home though>.>