Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Poetic Licences

Where do you get them? Are they expensive? Who decided that you had to have them? I think its a major scam to make money from stupid people. What other reason could there be for people charging money to issue a licence, just so people don't have to learn how to structure a sentence properly.

For example, take the lines "The silver-blue sky, beheld by the eye," which have obviously been chosen because they rhyme. Why doesn't the poet just say. "The sky is blue." And why does he have to point out that it can be seen. That is obvious. When ever the colour of an object is pointed out, it is generally assumed that anyone (with the notable exception of blind people) can see what colour it is, unless it is specifically stated, as in "The sky is blue, but we're six hundred metres underground, so you can't tell."

For years, poets have been doing this sort of thing, and I've never worked out why. I've always believed poets are people with insufficient grasp of language to structure a sentence properly, but not enough musical understanding to work the words into a song. Yet when one studies English at school, poetry makes up a fair portion of the curriculum. No wonder people nowadays can't speak or write English properly.
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