Sunday, March 8, 2009

On Farmers Part II: Devious Bovine

I have written before about the strange phenomenon of the equally spaced trees that lie on the horizon in the Free State. Since the ony thing around are farms, I assumed that it was the farmers. However, I have recently seen a picture of one of these lines of trees, and immediately in front of the trees was a herd of cattle. Of course, the cattle were not actually planting the trees, they were standing around aimlessly, doing absolutely nothing. I have come to the conclusion, that upon noticeing the camera man, one of them sent some sort of signal to the others, and they all stopped what they were doing, and acted all innocent.

Cows are the most suspicious creatures, because whenever you encounter them, they are either on their way somewhere, or standing pretending to do nothing. If you return to your car in a parking lot, and there are no other cars in the immediate vicinity of yours, but there is a crowd of people standing next to your car, looking at you expectantly, your mind will instantly ask "What have they done?" It is the same with the cows, however they have such an innocent look about them that it takes a long time to realise how suspicious they actually look.

Thinking back to when I was travelling through the Free State, I remember that several of the lines of trees were next to fields of cows... or sheep, now that I think of it. In future, I will think twice before trusting livestock with anything... They thing I need to work out now is why they do it, and why they are so secretive about it.
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