Friday, March 27, 2009

On Germans and the Portuguese

You really can blame them for everything. The same goes for Nigerians in this country. Every time something goes wrong, someone involved either knows a German, or knows someone who knows a German, or has seen a German somewhere, or has heard of a German, or knows someone who has heard of a German. Next time things don't go your way, think about it, and you will see that it is always has something to do with Germans.

The same can be said about penguins, but penguins are secretive about where they are from. Ask a German where he/she is from, and you will be told that he/she is from Germany (or some place in Germany, or near Germany). Ask a penguin the same question, and you will get anything from blank looks to being ignored completely. The reason for this is that the penguins know that if they went round telling everyone that they are penguins, then people will start noticing them everywhere. When last did you see a penguin in the shops. You don't see them because you don't know they are penguins. If you do meet a penguin, and realise that it is a penguin, don't trust it. There is definitely some reason that it has revealed its identity to you.
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