Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the Pointlessness of Bookmarks

Not the internet or computer kind, but physical bookmarks, for marking your place in a book. Those little strips of laminated paper... If you don't know what I mean yet, you probably never will. If you do, then I probably don't need to continue explaining.

I've never actually worked out why someone would want to use a bookmark. Of course, I know the function a bookmark is supposed to fulfil, but if you think about it, it should be unnecessary. Honestly, if you can't remember how much you have read, you would be better off starting from the beginning again anyway. Since I stopped using bookmarks many years ago, I found reading far easier, and I could follow the story better (since I have to reread half of it to find my place each time). It makes a big difference, and everyone should try it.

I no longer support the use of bookmarks in anyway. If you use them, you have no idea how much of the book you're missing out on... I just land up chewing them to pieces anyway.

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