Friday, March 27, 2009

On Unfair Victimisation

Rioters the other day were complaining of unfair victimisation from the police. They got the feeling that the police were actually targeting the rioters and no one else. In particular, one taxi driver who had parked his taxi across an off-ramp on the N12 highway, blocking traffic, stated that when the police opened fire with rubber bullets, he was under the impression that they were "specifically aiming at him and his taxi".

In other news, Jacob Zuma has accused the National Prosecuting Authority and the Scorpions of carrying out a "deliberate orchestrated campaign against him". In fact, these orchestrated campaigns are quite common, and are usually referred to as investigations and prosecutions. In fact, these tasks are exactly what both the NPA and the Scorpions were set up to do, which is obviously unfair to anyone who has committed a crime.

People have the right to be treated fairly...
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