Sunday, April 5, 2009

On Pointless Promises

Do you know what's really funny? Really funny jokes. Or they would be really funny, if someone could be bothered to tell them, or if someone didn't spoil the joke. The worst possible scenario is when someone spends five minutes telling a joke, and then ends it off with the words "... I can't remember the punch line, but I promise you, it was really funny."

Is this a promise that needs to be made? It doesn't matter at all whether or not the punch line was funny, because I'm not going to hear it. If we could get the same enjoyment out of just knowing a joke was funny there would be no need for anyone to ever tell any jokes.

Have you heard the one about the amoeba, the chimpanzee and the algae covered shoelace? I’ve never actually heard it, but I promise you, it’s really funny.

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