Sunday, April 19, 2009

On Reflections

From and early age, we are all raised to believe that mirrors switch left and right. Then, later on in life, you are trying to flatten a stubborn hair that refuses to stay down. You stand in front of the mirror, raise your hand to your head, and then check the location of your hand relative to the hair. In the mirror, you note that the hair is to the right of your hand, so you need to move your hand to the right. However, because of all of the brainwashing you have had to undergo, your mind is convinced that the mirror is switching left and right. You send the signal to your hand to move toward the hair, but somewhere along the way, the signal is switched and your hand moves left – away from the hair.

If only people hadn’t lied to you for you're whole life.

The problem is that most people genuinely believe that the mirror does switch reality around. I find this really strange because practically everyone looks at a mirror more than once or twice a day. It’s extremely disconcerting that so few people have noticed that if you raise your right arm, the reflection in the mirror also raises the arm on the right. It is such a simple concept, and I have no idea why so many people don’t understand it.

Did it never occur to them to wonder why it did not switch the top and bottom as well?
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