Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On Unexpected Consequences

I was eating in a restaurant one night. (A slightly relevant side note: this was a really good restaurant - the type that remembers that I ordered two drinks, and makes the basting for the steak from red wine. They now also serve haloumi as a starter, which makes it the perfect restaurant in my books.) The restaurant has a nice indoor section with a fibreglass roof. In the centre of the floor, and growing up through a hole in the roof, there is a massive tree (which is probably half a century older than the restaurant itself). I have no idea what type of tree it is, but it is covered in fairly large, and very sharp thorns. I could see that they were very sharp without getting up from my table ten metres away.

Someone at another table (in his defence, he had possibly had a few drinks) stood up, walked over the tree and put his hand on it to test if the thorns were sharp. His yelp caught the attention of the whole restaurant, and I still can't help wondering what he expected to happen.

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