Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Automatic Doors...

... Which have motion sensors and open automatically when you approach. These doors are the biggest pain in the neck for unfortunate OCD sufferers like me. As much as I try, I can’t help but follow the patterns of the bricks or colours on the floor. This is especially annoying if a dark stripe follows the edge of the passageway. I am compelled to follow it, and it brings me to approach the door from an angle that only brings me into range of the sensor as I am immediately at the door. I then have to wait as the door opens.

There is also enough evidence to conclude that they have sound detectors. Very sensitive sound detectors and all the voice recognition and interpretation software that can go with. On one occasion, I swore quietly at a particularly slow door, and ever since it has opened even slower for me. I have watched it open for other people, and I’m sure that both its response time and speed are quicker than for me.

Now, whenever I encounter a new door, I smile and greet it politely. Doors have feelings too, and it will do you good not to break them.
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