Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Security Check Points

Especially the guys who stand at the entrances to certain shopping centres and have little hand held metal detectors. I can’t help wondering how effective they actually are. I generally wear shoes with steel capped toes, and a belt with a metal buckle. My wallet has a number of key rings in it, as well as a magnetic bus tag. My other pocket contains a bunch of keys and a cell phone. All of these are items which would be picked up, even just slightly by the metal detector. They all set off alarms at the airport (especially my shoes).

Why then do they not make a sound half the time? The obvious reason is that they are not always switched on. It’s quite hilarious to watch a security guard with a serious expression on his face scan you with his little metal detector, which is not even turned on.

I have to pass through one of these checkpoints at work every week. I make sure I carry as many bags as possible, and ask him, “Are you sure you don’t want to check the side compartments too?” It annoys the people behind me, but I’m thinking of sneaking a piece of steel pipe past them one day to see how easy it is.
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