Sunday, June 7, 2009

On Fancy Functions

Function, as in event. Not the mathematical or computer programming type. Functions, such as presentations, award ceremonies, and conferences and the like. The big sort of function that aims to impress the guests, and calls for little plates of snacks to be left in the foyer for afterwards, so that the guests have something to nibble on while they mingle and chat. It is interesting to note how these plates of snacks go unguarded through most of the ceremony. With so much effort being put into the presentation of these plates, one can’t help but wonder if they were deliberately trying to attract people to them. Its difficult to resist the urge to walk up and help myself.

Honestly, if the snacks were for the functions guests, they would have been put inside the actual venue, not left outside in the foyer. And if they didn’t want to attract passers by, they would not have made the snacks look so appealing.
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