Sunday, June 7, 2009

On the Traditional Doctor...

"Good news to you...
In God and our fore fathers he never fails!!!

The powerful Spiritual herbalist healer, the one you heard about before his powerful muti. medicines is now next to you here!!!

Dr. PNK Mamu
An astrology, herbalist healer

Are you disappointed in your living life??

- Misunderstanding always: Fighting fighting fighting at home, work, school??
- Disappointment always: In relationships, marriage, is he or she cheating on you??
- Are you always worried: No peace in your mind??
- In sexual problems: To be big, long and more rounds penis plus more feeling of love from your loved one??
- Alchohol and drug problems: Do you want to be out of it?
- Suffering in finance/bad luck: Have you been bewitched from family/friends, are they jealous of you? Get of the poverty and get rich!!!

You will be supriced how your problems will be solved in 2 days

Are in stressed A lot? Our herbs
Do you want to win lotto, casino, horses, pass your exams job interviews plus your loved one?? Granted
Do you want to win court cases business attraction, get promotion at work?
Lose weight?? Our herbs

Please call and book before you come in. He is very busy busy

*** ********** * *****
*.*.* ****** ***.******
06th Floor, Room No. 02

Cell: *** *** ****
Tel: *** *** ****
E-mail: *********


No more stress, no more pain
In 2 days out of your problems!!!

Whites, Coloureds, Indians, Chinese and Africans are all welcome
1. He or she cheating on you/disappering from you? Yr loved one!!
2. Bad luck sent by our enemies/ see your witches by your eyes?
3.Is it small and weak penis/ early ejaculation/ financial problems?
4. Win exams, job promotion, customers, casino, horses, lotto/ get rich?
5. Stolen properties/ back your loved one/ pregnancy/ long periods?
6. Do you have chronic diseases in your body/ misunderstandings?
7. Have you failed your problems with other herbalist healers

(You will be surprised how your problems will be solved in one day)

Miracles tells all about your problems before you say anything to him\/ Heals over 92 different diseases!!!

Call and book before you come in
The doctor is very busy"

The doctor is obviously also quite good at his job. He has an office in the business centre of the city, a telephone line, and an advertising campaign. I have blanked out the address, because I beleive he is sucessful enough to fund his own advertising and doesn't need to rely on me to do it for him for free.
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