Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Closed Doors

Last week, I came across a door to a shop that was closed. On the door, someone had placed a sign reading “Closed due to the account of the weather.” I understand that it is possible that the sign might have been referring only to the door, but the way it was written made it seem like the shop was closed. Surely they would have put a "Come in" at the beginning, or at least specified that they were talking about the door and not the store. And the choice of wording may simply have been a case of bad grammar, but I prefer not to underestimate people’s intelligence like that. I am sure that the sign said exactly what they wanted it to say.

That is that the store was closed due to the account of the weather. And this makes sense. In the present economic climate (don’t those words get used a lot nowadays), thousands of stores are closing due to their customers accounts, and bad debts. We are living in difficult times, and it would have been arrogant of me to assume that this particular store was immune to the economic collapse.

In a lot of cases, I don’t believe the stores are to blame. Everyone was allowing customers to buy on account, and it seemed to be working, so why not follow the sheep. This store, however, had no excuse. The weather is an obvious high risk customer. It is mentally unstable, has an uncontrollable rage, and frequently moves countries, usually without a passport. It also has no stable income, and is well known for numerous antisocial acts, ranging from simple vandalism through to outright destruction and mass homicide. Honestly, if a store is prepared to offer the weather an account, then they are just asking for bad debts. They deserve to have closed down.
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