Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Philosophers and their Heavy Boots

When I did a philosophy course at university, my lecturer was no scientist, but he wasn’t completely ignorant either – which was a good thing considering he was teaching a class of engineers. Unfortunately, not all philosophers fall into that same category. I came across a story about someone who was less fortunate: Link: Heavy Boots

The scariest part of the story is not that the philosopher knew nothing (which is partly expected), but rather that 57% of the first year physics students also knew nothing. So many people should not be allowed through high school.

I had a similar experience. I was remarkably surprised to discover in that 95% of my philosophy class, made up of mostly second year chemical engineers, did not believe in evolution. We live in a scary world indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I read a philosophy article during the holidays they wrote about the popular question of the tree falling in the forest. What amazed me was that they are still debating whether it makes a sound or not, they even included that its been more than a 100 years.

Alphanumeric Sheep Pig said...

A quantum theorist would say that it both makes a sound and does not unless there is an observer there to hear it.

A classical theorist would say that energy will be released into the air when the tree impacts the ground, creating a pressure gradient which expands outwards and would be interpreted as sound if anything capable of measuring this pressure gradient was nearby.

A philosopher would say whatever he wanted to say.

Robot said...

This reminds me of Schrodingers Cat.. is the cat dead or alive? The cat is both dead and alive

The tree made a sound and DIDNT make a sound. Because we will actually never be able to answer the question

Alphanumeric Sheep Pig said...

Schrodinger doesn't have a cat. It died because he kept putting it in a radioactive booby-trapped box.