Sunday, August 23, 2009

On Chairs

Not the rabid laminated plastic kind. Not even the four legged kind (or one, three, five or six legged kinds). This is on the two legged kind that oversees a meeting, or a debate, or presentations, or that sort of thing. (Admittedly, the number of legs may be any non-negative integer less than or equal to two, depending on the number and nature of industrial/recreational/motor vehicle accidents the bearer of these legs has been involved in. It may even be more than two, if one considers birth defects. However, they are generally two legged.)

Calling a person a chair is a bit insulting. A chair is a pretty simple thing. It has no thoughts of its own and no personality. I would not like to be called a chair. Why, then, is it customary to call people Mr. or Madame Chair? Why can we not just use their real names like sensible people?

Or can we at least show some respect and call them Mr. Luxury Sofa.

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