Monday, August 3, 2009

On Closed Doors Part II

To clear things up, the correct wording for door closed on account of weather is "Door closed on account of the weather" or "Door closed due to the weather". It is important to note that "due to" and "on account of" mean the exactly the same thing, and the statement becomes ambiguous if both terms are included (The ambiguity is explained in more detail here).

It's probably also a good idea to include the phrase "Please come in", or something similar, just to remind people that they may, in fact, enter. It may seem obvious to you, but you must bear in mind that not all people think the same. I personally don't like it when people say something like "Come in, we are open" when quite clearly, the door is closed.

Anyway, I think I'm probably the wrong person to be asking. I only put this here because no one else seems to have answered this question. And if I just wait a couple of days for the Googlebots to find this, and add it to the search engine indices, I'll be the number one authority on this topic in the world.

The internet makes it so easy to become an expert in anything. The world is becoming so pathetic.
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