Sunday, August 16, 2009

On DotA

Pronounced “dot ay”. Before I get the scrawny pale fanboys bashing down my door, wanting to kill me, I’d like to point out the spelling is 'DotA'. Note the capitalisation of the ‘A’ and not the ‘o’ and the ‘t’. If it was supposed to be pronounced ‘doter’, as so many think it should, then it would been spelt with a small ‘a’. If you like to use the argument that it is an abbreviation, and so the 'A' should be a capital letter, then I applaud you. That is correct, and so the correct spelling is ‘DOTA’ which would be pronounce “dee, oh, tea, ay”. Of course, the ‘o’ and ‘t’ stand for ‘of’ and ‘the’, which are customarily not capitalised in a title, so why should they be capitalised in the abbreviation? I should point out that these words are customarily left out of abbreviations. So, DotA should be correctly abbreviated ‘DA’. If you wish to pronounce that as a single word, then it would be pronounced ‘duh’.

However, those that came up with the name decided to spell it ‘DotA’, and so the correct pronunciation is “dot ay”. I understand that that may not be what was intended, but I’m sorry. You can’t just change the rules of a language to suit yourself.

(On a side note: Yes, the song does pronounce it 'doter', but they're not singing in English, are they?)
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