Sunday, August 23, 2009

On Dreams

I had a dream last night. As usual, I remember hardly any of it. In the dream, I was sitting at a wooden table late one afternoon, eating KFC. What I do remember is a turtle swooping out of the sky, grabbing my breakfast in its talons, and then gliding onto a brick path. That was mid morning. It then went into some sort of spasm, and I realized it was trying to climb out of its shell. It got out, and then began a dance on the grass in the dark, waving the steak it had stolen from me as if to say in the singsong way a five year old would, “I’ve got ice-cream, and you don’t”. There was no moon in the sky - only stars, and I could only see it dancing because of the headlights of the car I was sitting in. I know it was a turtle and not a tortoise because it had flippers.

They say that dreams are a reflection of your concerns in real life. Another theory is that they merely reveal your concerns. Others say it reveals the future. Yet more people say it is merely your mind trying to make sense of your experiences in life.

All I say is that I hope that dream has nothing to do with real life, and was just my messed up imagination leaking into my sleep. I really hope that isn’t what the future holds. My mind is too inconsistent to hold that sort of responsibility, not to mention that I don’t like having my food stolen by flying turtles.

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I concur fullstop