Thursday, August 13, 2009

On Penguins

Someone else shares my views on the bastards. They're just another organised cult, but one that we should be really worried about.
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Anonymous said...

Some biologists(don't remember where) forced penguins(two dudes) to marry each other simply because they enjoy each others company. I know they exhibit some gayish behaviour because of their up bringing, but they don't deserve to be forced into marriage. Or maybe you won't feel any sympathy for them, more gay penguins means lesser penguinlets(LOL!!).
Tom, Dick and Harry

Anonymous said...

As we know we are in strike season in South Africa, I'm also considering striking against your posting on sundays only. But I believe in negotiations so please increase your posts.

Alphanumeric Sheep Pig said...

You got a Thursday post... What are you complaining about?

And if the penguins are gay, it's not my place to tell them not to. If they enjoy each other’s company, its also not my place to interfere. As long as they're not busy developing intercontinental missiles, I'll tolerate the existence of penguins.

I fully support a strike, because if you knock over all the bins in the street, I won't be the one cleaning them up.