Sunday, August 30, 2009

On Stupid Parents

A child walked past earlier wearing shoes which let off a high pitched squeak with each step. From what I could see, the shoes had been designed to do that. I was only exposed to the noise for thirty seconds, and it normally takes a lot to annoy me, but it was driving me crazy.

Presumably, the parents bought these shoes, thinking “Wow! These are cute!” with out thinking of the consequences. They would have given the shoes one or two experimental squeaks before buying them, and smiled at their daughter’s squeals of delight at the noise.

Embarrassingly enough, while I was typing about it, the parents walked in, this time carrying the child. They passed the child between each other, but despite the child’s obvious demands to be put down, they wouldn’t let it go.

I hope they’ve learnt that there’s more to life than making the child “cute”. Hopefully they’ll remember next time that they actually have to live with it.
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