Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Convenient Parking Spaces

I have seen this twice in the past couple of weeks – once at university and once at a shopping centre. Obviously, the best parking space is the one closest to the entrance. And if there is room for an extra parking space even closer (even if it is not really a parking space), then that is even better. I’m not talking about those that drive up onto the pavement (that’s what SUVs are for, didn’t you know?), but simply those who will park in the road, obstructing traffic, just so that they don’t have to walk.

This sort of thing is quite popular at both locations, and so those that look after such things at their respective workplaces organised for a no parking sign to be placed next to the last parking space, just to remind people that there is no closer parking.

In the past two weeks, I have seen two people stop, get out of their cars, move the no parking sign out of their way, and then park there.

I know I would get really fed up if I got a parking ticket (because I never intentionally park illegally), but I always wonder, would these people pay the fine without complaining?
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