Sunday, September 13, 2009

On Disabled Parking

Not parking that is incapacitated, but parking that is reserved for disabled people.

I understand the need for it. When I was in high school, I injured my knee quite badly in a hockey game, and I landed up on crutches for a while. Looking back at that time, I sympathise with disabled people and the elderly who have difficulty walking, and I understand why the best parking spaces are reserved for them. What I don’t understand is why people who can’t walk altogether and need wheelchairs are allowed to park there. Especially those people who use electric wheelchairs.

It takes far more effort for me to walk from the furthest parking space to the entrance than it does for someone to simply hold a lever forward until he gets there.

I think that the furthest parking space in each parking lot should be made 50% wider, and reserved for wheelchair users. It’s time they stopped being so lazy and let the real crippled people use the parking spaces that were intended for them.
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Anonymous said...

Process 1: Stop car, sit belt, key out of ignition & get out and lock car.
Process 2: Stop car, sit belt, key out of ignition, find someone you think you can trust, convince that someone to help you without expecting a reward(if you have no company), open boot, roll out & then lock the car and slide off.
Process 3: Evaluating this processes do you think you are being fair? Draw the outcomes on a pVT (partial,V(f)airness ,truthful ) diagram.

Tom, Dick and Harry