Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Door Handle Sparks

It’s quite annoying that door handles enjoy shocking people that use them. I understand that they might want to be left alone, but some of us need to go places, and it’s really inconsiderate to play practical jokes like that. Why can’t all door handles be made of plastic (like on car doors), so that they don’t shoot of sparks.

The computer labs at university are particularly guilty of this. I can avoid getting the unexpected shock by expecting it. This makes it much more bearable. I brush the back of my hand against the handle to discharge it first. I still get shocked, but at least it’s not unexpected. This habit has probably made it much worse for me when I actually do get shocked unexpectedly. When leaving the computer lab, the door is unlocked by moving your student card across a sensor. My student card is connected to a chain of key rings, with a key on the end. Occasionally, the key swings and bumps the metal door frame. Occasionally, part of a key ring is touching the palm of my hand. People always stare when you suddenly jump and pull your hand back, causing the keys to jingle. It would probably be quite funny to watch, if it were someone else doing it.

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