Sunday, September 27, 2009

On Luck

I found a four leaf clover on Friday. Within three hours of that, I had a brand new TV, which came with a free DVD player. Considering that the two TV's my family owned prior to that were both teenagers, and represented the pinnacle of TV technology in the early 90’s, the new addition to the family is most welcome.

Just to show off, here is the clover, together with a normal three leaf clover form the same stem.

On a side note, why is finding a deformed reject considerred lucky? If I came across a five-legged cat, would I get a new car?
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Anonymous said...

Lucky bugger. Go to ebay I can just see you driving some big a** car. Sell it in dollars.
Tom, Dick and Harry.

Anonymous said...

Just remembered to mention that once you make those few thousand dollars, don't hesitate on giving me 20% of your earnings.
Tom, dick and Harry.