Sunday, September 27, 2009

On Not Very Much

Take a breath, because this is quite a sentence. I’ve made good use of the semicolon and comma, but they can only do so much.

In this modern age, when almost every aspect of society is dominated by science and technology; when living creatures can be grown from a single cell in a lab; when chemistry is at such an advanced stage that we can make any food, with any flavour, from its component elements; when all the nutrients needed for a living organism to grow strong and healthy can be contained in a concentrated liquid; when modern technology has made available to us dense liquid sprays and odourless pellets that will keep our grass thick and green for the whole of summer; why, then, do we insist on covering our lawns with, quite literally, shit, in the middle of summer, when we know that the heat is just going to make it stink, and that, together with everyone in our neighbourhood, we are going to have to live with an unbearable stench for the next week or two?

And then people accuse pigs of being filthy.
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1 comment:

Robot said...

I thought about this particular post about 20 minutes ago when my mom was asking our neighbour where she got her compost.

It's revolting to say the least