Friday, October 2, 2009

On Not Very Much On Luck Part II

We have a garden service that comes every now and then to spray our lawn to kill the weeds. First they spray a liquid fertiliser, which makes the weeds grow like crazy, and then they come back a week later, and spray poison on the weeds. It used to be really effective, but not so much anymore. They came three weeks ago, and the weeds are already coming back. Especially the clovers.

I’m starting to wonder; maybe the clovers are growing immune to the poison. Maybe the poison is just making them mutate. I hust happened to glance at the ground, and I found my second four leaf clover in the space of six days. Once again it led to something big happening that I guess could be attributed to luck. I thought that maybe all the clovers had four leaves, but they did not. The one I found was the only one. Maybe I’m just extremely lucky.

I wonder when the neighbourhood will start getting three eyed cats wondering around.

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1 comment:

Robot said...

Wat big thing happened as a result?