Monday, October 26, 2009

On a Pencil's Kinetic Energy: Part II

Yet another Google search. Sometimes I think I am bringing these all on myself. This time someone searched for “how much kinetic energy does it take to write with a pencil”. I’m not too sure why they want to know that, or where they expected an answer. The simple answer (which is not my answer) is that it is approximately half the combined mass of the pencil and your hand, multiplied by the square of the pencil’s speed at that instant.

My answer is that it’s a pointless question, because it varies constantly. A more relevant question is “How much energy does it take to use a pencil, in which case, my answer is “Less than asking Google, now stop being so lazy and do something constructive”.

Unless of course you are into robotics and need to size a motor to move the arm of a drawing robot, in which case, you should have been able to work it out yourself.
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