Sunday, October 4, 2009

On a Slightly Small Apple Wearing Tree-Shaped Shoes and an Apricot-Coloured Hat

With three little blue eyes painted on. It sounds quite weird, when you first hear it. Its almost as weird as a rabbit laying chocolate eggs. Why an apple would want to wear shoes is beyond me. Don’t even ask why the shoes are tree shaped – you just wouldn’t understand. You weren’t brought up in the right culture.

I’ve never understood why people talk about being brought up in a culture. I thought that sort of thing only happened in labs. Mainly to bacteria. Unless the person grew up in a yogurt tub, but that’s not something I’m familiar with.

I’m more used to people who claim to have a long history of traditions and customs, which they like to use as an excuse for weird behaviour. The funniest bit is when there is no history to back it up. When the stories are distorted and only half carried, and a quarter dragged, from one generation to the next, while the remaining quarter gets left behind.

Funnier still is when someone believes that they are an expert on their own culture. Undeniably the best is when someone else comes along, and admits that they don’t know everything, but the so called “expert” is actually, um… a little bit wrong…
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