Sunday, November 29, 2009

On Layered Meals...

… like lasagna or cottage pie, that are cooked in alternating layers. Particularly, the pre-prepared frozen versions you can buy, that take just 10 minutes to heat up in the microwave. The ones with only one serving, which come in a flimsy plastic packaging that the fork can pierce through. Eating these straight out of the tub is impractical – the tub is too hot to hold, and not the most efficient shape for eating. It is far more practical to dish it up onto a plate first. This is even truer for those that contain more than one serving.

This is all very well for a food that is mixed in, but it is extremely difficult to dish a layered meal from these containers while maintaining the layering. Surely the tubs could benefit from a redesign. A single gently sloped side that allows the meal to slide out while remaining upright and unmixed would be most welcome.

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