Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Spotlights in the Cinema

Movie tickets are getting expensive these days. Actually, not really. At most places they are pretty cheap. Where they are still expensive, they’re not much more than they were five years ago, so there’s not really much point in complaining. My complaint is actually not so much about the prices, but about some of the people who pay that price. I’m not sure why they do, because it’s cheaper (actually free) to sit outside. That’s much better than paying to be in the cinema when you’re just going to play on your cell phone. Or sit on MXit or Facebook, and not pay any attention to the screen.

The stupidest part about it all is that people think no one will notice, but then if they are looking for something in the dark, the first thing half of them do is pull out their cell phone to serve as a light. Why don’t they just take a torch to the cinema and shine that around.
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1 comment:

Robot said...

Ironic it indeed is that I read this post while in a cinema, however I did put my phone away when the lights went off

This cannot be said for the two guys with iPhones 2 rows down, apparently comparing how cool their individual iPhones were was alot more fascinating than the movie. Which is a shock, as the movie was amazing (Gamer)