Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Underestimating Good Art

Most importantly, really good sketches. There are some people in the world who are really good at sketching. Some can use shading and different lines to place emphasis so that the sketch can capture reality far better than a photograph ever could. What I’ve never understood is why, when cameras are not permitted in a court of law, a sketch artist is allowed to capture the scene. I was not blessed with talent in the drawing department, but I do have a camera. Surely not allowing me to capture images, but allowing the sketch artist is discriminating against all who were not blessed with artistic talent.

Why aren’t cameras allowed in court anyway?

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Anonymous said...

Google has a link for "why are cameras noy allowed in court" meaning people are really facinated by the question. The answer is "for security reasons".

Tom,Dick And Harry

Anonymous said...

"For security reasons" That excuse is amazing. Every cellphone has a camera these days. Do they make people leave their cell phones at the door?