Sunday, January 3, 2010

On Pacing, or the Lack Thereof

This last week between Christmas and New Years has to be the slowest week of the year for a journalist. Most people do nothing over the week, and so you invariably miss out on the news making events caused by their stupidity. I don’t know if you noticed that on Wednesday this week, there was no news whatsoever. A summary of what was on the evening news:
  • A follow on from a week old story.
  • A summary of what happened over the year.
  • Some elephants playing soccer.
  • A giraffe born in a zoo in the USA the previous week.
That’s it. There was nothing else. There weren't even any sports results. And then there was the weather, which was simply normal. No heat waves, stong winds, cold fronts, blizzards, nothing. Only a slight chance of rain, and typical mid summer temperatures... So boring.
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