Sunday, February 7, 2010

On slightly stupid spiders...

... in slippers sliding into stuff while spinning in the snow on slippery slopes. Which I did promise to write about ages ago, even though there’s not too much to say about them. Apart from pointing them out, of course. Those with visual imaginations can draw up a mental image of this mildly retarded event, and have a little chuckle. Those who do not have visual imaginations can just say it really quickly, trip over the alliteration, and other people can have a little chuckle at you. All round everyone (generally regarded as some people) wins (provided they are prepared to lower their standards... such that a win can be regarded as anything that is not last place).

The nice thing about writing is that it encourages people to use their imaginations... which is to say, I’ve just saved myself several hours of developing a 3D animation of spiders on a snowy slope, which would only provide a few seconds of amusement to my audience. Instead, I can spend a few seconds writing a sentence, and provide the audience with the same (albeit somewhat devalued) few seconds of entertainment, thereby improving efficiency a thousandfold.
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