Monday, May 24, 2010

On the Blue Screen of Death

I used to get frustrated when my computer crashed and gave the legendary “Blue Screen of Death”. Not angry – I hardly ever actually get angry, but I do sometimes get frustrated. Over the past couple of years, I have instead started to sympathise with my poor computer in these moments.

I’ve always had those weird moments where I walk all the way across the house to fetch something, and then stand there like an idiot when I realise that I’ve forgotten what I walked all that way for. It’s exactly the same as when you stand at the ATM and realise you’ve forgotten your bank PIN – the same number you use several times a month. And those times you try to remember a word or a person’s name that you use regularly. I seem to be getting these moments far too often these days, and it has shown me how the computer must feel. They are just memory faults, and that’s exactly what causes the blue screen. It’s just the computers way of suddenly stopping and saying “Uh, what was I doing?”

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