Monday, May 10, 2010

On Suspicious Interests

The university library website has a button which reads “My Reading History”. I did go onto the site to search for a book, but I'm easily distracted by things like that. Reading through the list of books I've taken out was fascinating, but I couldn't help wondering what people who didn’t know me would think about the combination of topics I read... I'll give you a selection of books I've taken out in the past three years.

  • Torenbeek’s Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design
  • Blakelock’s Automatic Control of Aircraft and Missiles
  • Hemsch and Nielsen’s Tactical Missile Aerodynamics
  • Coppin’s Artificial Intelligence Illuminated
  • Fleeman’s Tactical Missile Design
  • Niu’s Airframe Structural Design: Practical Design Information
  • Buckland’s Programming Game AI by Example
  • Oates’ Aerothermodynamics of Gas Turbine and Rocket Propulsion
  • Fryling’s Combustion Engineering
  • Kuo and Summerfield’s Fundamentals of Solid Propellant Combustion
  • Glushko’s Thermodynamic and Thermophysical Properties of Combustion Products
  • Nise’s Control Systems Engineering
  • Malone’s Analysis of Rocket Propellants
  • Sutton’s Rocket Propulsion Elements
  • Baker’s Explosions in Air
  • Mataric’s The Robotics Primer
  • Anderson’s Modern Compressible Flow
  • Glass and Sislian’s Nonstationary Flows and Shock Waves

No wonder people think I’m a dangerous person.

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Anonymous said...

You, dangerous never, you are just learning how to create rockets, there is nothing wrong with that ppl do it all the time in the States, I on the other hand am a dangerous person, when someone I care for gets abused.

Alphanumeric Sheep Pig said...

It's more the combination of tactical missiles, robotics and artificial intelligence that scares people.

Anonymous said...

have you been sheeping around in New york recently? ;-)

Alphanumeric Sheep Pig said...

No... I've never been outside of South Africa, actually.