Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Not Being Careful What You Wish For

An overly athletic nose seems to be a consistent problem in July which I almost managed to hold off for this year. I’ve had a mild ear infection for the last couple of weeks, and it seems its finally managed to work its way into my sinuses. The only problem is that it didn’t come running out like it usually does. As a direct result, my entire face felt like it had been stuffed like a Christmas turkey. All I wished for was for my nose to run so that I could clear it out.

Needless to say, my wish came true – my nose is running... a lot. It is annoying to have to blow your nose every ten minutes, and the worst part is that my face still feels like the Christmas turkey (although I’m not going to be tricked into thinking it might taste like stuffing, so don’t even try that). Now I’m just wishing that I will get better soon, but the universe doesn’t grant wishes that often. Oh well, I guess it’s just been a normal July...

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