Friday, July 23, 2010

On the Valve to Spout Ratio...

... in taps, particularly. And which may be one or two, depending on the bath/basin/sink layout, design and relative laziness of the plumber who did the installation. The ratio has little importance in a bath, since the water mixes anyway. It is also of little significance if there is only a single valve (as any additional spouts would be redundant), but in the case of separate hot and cold taps on a sink or basin, the ratio should in all cases, without exception, be 2:1.

Unfortunately, in all of the basins I regularly encounter, there is a 1:1 ratio of taps to spouts. If you need to wash your hands quickly, it is impractical to fill the basin (not to mention that filling the basin wastes water). Thus, holding your hands under the tap becomes the most practical solution. The problem with having a 1:1 valve to spout ratio with separate hot and cold valves is that no mixing would take place. The water from the hot spout is too hot, and water from the cold spout is too cold. My solution to this is often to have both taps on and dart between the hot and cold streams. This is an unnecessary waste of water that would be solved so easily by increasing the valve to spout ratio.

Conservation of water should be our number one priority. If we’re not careful, the penguins will have solidified all of it in their Antarctic ice factories and we will have none.

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Robot said...

I was thinking something very similar today in the toilets at work. Each time I use them, I dread washing my hands as the water is freezing cold. Another reason why this is a problem is because the hot water takes ages to actually warm up, so using the cold water is necessary in order to not waste time (plus it is absolutely disgusting to not wash your hands...) A solution would be to warm your hands with the air dryer, but we all know why that is a no-go... Who knew it could be so stressful?