Thursday, December 9, 2010

On "Star Wars is for boys"

You can read the full story of Katie here. A basic summary is that Katie is a first-grade girl who gets picked on at school because she likes Star Wars, and Star Wars is apparently “only for boys”. Which, I guess I don’t need to point out, is stupid. In fact, I know more female Star Wars fans than male ones. Even my girlfriend is a huge Star Wars fan. So, because I believe that Katie has the right to like whatever she wants, I think you should wear a Star Wars shirt tomorrow (10 December 2010). If you don’t have any, then wear anything Star Warsy. If you still don’t have any, wear something geeky. If you don’t even have anything geeky, just make a plan. Just show your support and join the facebook event. Now. Otherwise may rabid squirrels infest your underwear drawer.
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Robot said...

W00t! Spread the word!