Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On a Not Very Important Something

When this blog was created, it needed a logo. Being at work with a limited range of tools at my disposal, I simple did a Google image search, stole a cartoonish picture of a sheep, sent it through an online image to ASCII art converter, and then used that as my logo, meaning to change it at a later date to something a bit more complicated. But I liked the way it had turned out, and being a chronic procrastinator, I never got round to making an original one.

After posting about having been going for two years, I remembered that I was going to make a new logo. With almost non-existent graphic design skills, and minimal artistic talent, I opened up GIMP and created a new image... After half an hour of getting nothing, I Googled “sheep” and there was an inquisitive sheep staring back at me. Gradually over the next 5 hours, I focussed removing each part of the sheep, and replaced it with planes of text with a perspective effect, and added a piggy nose. And so, I introduce the new Alphanumeric Sheep Pig.

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