Monday, January 17, 2011

On the Second Arbitrarily Defined Solar Cycle

which was a bit less eventful than the first, although there was still enough activity to have attracted 3272 hits. Although, once you take out the Googlebots and such, it’s rather less impressive. The interesting thing is how international my readership has gone...

Highlights from the last year are those slipping spiders, the end of the world, my excuse for blogging less in 2010, houses made from fruits and vegetables, the problems of spoilers in titles, some structered gibberish regarding deleted buckets, the posts of my well-meaning comment spammers, my attempt at poetry, the silver pizza, and my incredibly reliable cure for boredom.

And on that note (the cure for boredom note, not the highlights note, since it’s not immediately obvious), thank you for being part of the cure for my boredom. I sincerely apologise for the boredom that I have inflicted on all of you.

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