Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On a Makeover

By first putting on my graphic design hat, and then by putting on my web design hat, and after learning some very basics of CSS, and broadening my fluency in HTML considerably, I have done a bit of a redesign of the whole Alphanumeric Sheep Pig site.

Special thanks are due... Mainly to the developers of open source software out there, especially Notepad++ 5.8 (which I used for all of the code editing) and Gimp 2.6 (which I used for all of the all of the graphic design, except for some cropping that I did in Paint).

Also, thanks are due to those who put intelligent posts on the internet that helped with tricky little bits that I couldn’t work out alone:
  • for explaining style sheets and backgrounds in CSS.
  • for the information on how to completely customize the next/previous buttons into a full navigation bar.
  • for the random post button which actually works in any environment.
  • for the line of code that hides Blogger’s default navigation bar.
  • Ando of course Google for tirelessly giving search results for all of my stupid questions.
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