Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the Firmly Embedded Lyricless Music

I have a tendency to not really listen to music. I was gifted with the ability to completely shut out all outside distractions when I want to work (which, unfortunately, does not improve my concentration). It makes it difficult to decide which songs from new albums to put onto mix CDs for my car, but that is only part of the problem. The biggest annoyance is that occasionally I hear the first couple of bars to a song, but my mind switches off before I can ever get to the rest of the song. The first few bars get stuck in my head, and I’m driven crazy because that’s where it stops every time.

Also frustrating are those parts in instrumental pieces (especially in classical music) where two (or more) instruments play opposing tunes. It is impossible to hum it mentally and get the exact tone. I spend hours trying to get the tone correct in my mind,

A similar thing happens when I hear a catchy song on the radio, and I only know one line. I can only repeat that line over and over in my head, and a sense of frustration creeps in when I can never make it past that line.

The most annoying part, perhaps, is that the action of my mind playing songs back to me is completely involuntary.
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