Monday, May 9, 2011

On Hypocrisy

The label “hypocrite” is often used in an insulting way, or as a means to discredit a person. In my opinion, the exact opposite is often true. In an argument, if one were to label ones opponent a hypocrite, it would not only be a fallacy ad hominem (what a person does has no affect on the validity of their statements), but may even lend support to their statement. I am often a hypocrite, and usually proud (or at least indifferent) to the fact. Usually it just means that I am able to back up what I am saying with personal experience, which in a way, takes me that much closer to being an expert on the matter.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with warning people about putting their hand in the fire if you’re busy burning your own hand.

(On a side note: This may or may not be related to making spelling errors when correcting someone else's spelling errors.)

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Benji Radman said...

Very valid point :) Enjoying the blog :)