Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the Uneasiness of Electromagnetic Trespassing

It is particularly disturbing when I am sitting in my bedroom at home working on my laptop, and I get signal from my neighbour’s Wi-Fi. I know it’s somewhat less intrusive than having a neighbour’s cat walk muddy paw prints over my car, but it still gives me the vague impression that I am not alone. It is just as nerve-wracking to see the signal strength fluctuate eerily as the wind changes, almost as if the source of the signal is wandering around the house like a ghost. I’m comfortable with most technology, but that is the one thing that gives me the heebie jeebies.

I know there are an endless number of electromagnetic signals passing through my bedroom all the time, but none of them are as personal as Wi-Fi. They don’t have your neighbour’s name attached to them. Anyway, I’d better get on with my work... There are four different Wi-Fi signals roaming through my office, keeping watch.

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1 comment:

Robot said...

Damn, that never used to freak me out. But the way you put it, I'm now picturing a technological horror movie.