Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the Googles, Part X

The mysteries of Google's incredibly complex ranking formulae still evade me. In the mean time, I really enjoy the rather absurd Google queries that lead people to this site. For some obscure reason, almost 100 people a day pass over my blog in their Google search results. An impressive 20% of those are offered a link to my explanation of the 22° halo around the sun, with a third of those having searched for the term "sun diagram" (my average position on the search is around 160th). Hopefully those people were not disappointed with the answers they found. My nice little diagram often shows up on the first page of an image search for "sun halo diagram".

More importantly, I enjoy reading the absurd searches that actually lead people to my blog. Apart from the incorrect spellings such as "alphanumeric sheep pid" (which occured on a number of different occasions) there are several interesting ones, such as "alfanumetric wash your hands solution" or "motor driven moving pig targets".

Of course, I can't help but be proud of showing up consistently somewhere around the 87th postition for a search for "depth perception problems", or for being in the search results for "communicating with aliens", "oversized floppy hat", "what does bunnies eat" and "five legged sheep".

Most of all, I'm proud of Bing, who have finally started indexing my blog over the past couple of months. I have actually shown up in obscure Bing searches such as "in the heat of the night", "googlesaga winter holidays", "google-history of pie birds", "the sheep and chicken head feet problem", "something involving words", "googledo termites have wings", "is a pig as smart as a human being" and "sheep eating rabbits". It is however alarming at how many searches on bing contain the word "google". That may be something Microsoft would want to look into.

Not bad for the ramblings of some over-analytical, permanently bored engineer with a compulsive need to write absolute rubbish. I'm just disappointed that the penguins do not show up much. Or, perhaps that has been their plan all along. They must not want you to know about Amusing Hat Day for Incompetence Awareness.
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jamjar919 said...

i know, its really weird

jrallen said...

It's odd but I wouldn't complain about the easy traffic.

Unknown said...

fantastic info thanks