Monday, July 4, 2011

On a Rather Disturbing Thought

Consider a large group of people, all dressed in identical black and white suits, standing in the middle of an apparently open field in rather miserable weather. Every time you see them, some are just wondering around slowly, but most are simply standing there, looking around, but trying extremely hard to not focus on anything in particular.

If you are smart, you will pretend not to have noticed them, and just carry on with your business and try not to think about it any more. However, if you are unfortunate enough to have no control over what your brain chooses to think about (like me), your mind will immediately jump to one of a number of conclusions. One possible conclusion is the "secret service" option, and you may wonder which foreign head-of-state is currently visiting. If you like conspiracy theories, you may think "cover-up". Another possible conclusion that you may jump to is the "mafia" option - somewhere in the middle of that group, someone possibly has a shovel and is busy disposing of a body or two. The rest are just standing around to block the makeshift grave from view. There are few other explanations, especially during a raging blizzard, and most of them arouse suspicion.

It is for this very reason that I cannot bring myself to trust penguins. I mean, I like them. They are extremely cute and all that, but I would never leave my car keys where a penguin could reach them, and I most certainly would not let one into my house for any reason. Their general behaviour and actions are just far to suspicious for them to be up to any good.
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1 comment:

Rask said...

Penguins are rather sinister when you think about it...