Monday, October 10, 2011

On Door Knocking

I tend to knock on things a lot. When I was much younger, I could never work out how to knock on doors. What ever I tried either made almost no noise or caused a sharp pain or spasm to shoot through my arm. When teachers needed someone to send on an errand, I dreaded being picked. Then, one day (I think I was around sixteen), I worked out how to knock on doors. Looking back, I think I had learned to knock superficially from watching television shows, but had never thought that hard about how it all worked in principle (which is something I try to avoid doing now). Somehow, I subconsciously made the shift to knock with the correct part of my knuckle.

The net result of this is that I missed that all important childhood phase where I should have been knocking on everything. I entered adulthood just as I was learning that I could knock on things, and now I'm stuck as an adult who compulsively knocks on doors, walls and desks.

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