Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On the Indecisiveness of Cardboard Boxes...

... because they can never seem to decide what shape they want to be. They always seem to insist on collapsing in slightly when carried, especially in the rain. In particular, the cardboard box that I use to hold my backup drives used to fit perfectly into my middle desk drawer. For some obscure reason, it decided this morning that the drawer was ever so slightly smaller than itself and for several seconds, it refused to allow the drawer to open. This is in spite of the fact that it showed absolutely no sign of protest when it was put into that drawer yesterday evening.

Perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps it is the drawer that is shrinking. Perhaps penguins sneaked into my office in the middle of the night and switched my desk with another one, identical except in its marginally smaller size. That would be impressive on the part of the penguins. This desk mirrors my old desk so closely, even down to the exact location of that annoying scratch in the table that makes my mouse skip.

(On a side note: It is strange how, after speaking almost exclusively English my whole life, and having almost certainly used some past tense form of the word "sneak" on at least several occasions, I could not recall which form I had always used previously, and could not remember which form was correct. As it turns out, the Oxford Dictionary of English says "past and past participle sneaked or INFORMAL, chiefly NORTH AMERICAN snuck")

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Bookblog44 said...

Those damned Cardboard Boxes always keep falling of my bike!