Monday, January 16, 2012

On "Made from Real Fruit Juice"

It will hopefully come as no surprise to my readers that the the statement "100% pure fruit juice" on the label of certain fruit juices does not mean the same as, say, "100% fresh orange juice, no additives". In fact, if you read the label, it would likely list the ingredients as something like "orange juice concentrate, apple, pear and/or grape juice, sodium benzoate." If you are particularly lucky, the apple, pear and/or grape juice may be "deflavoured", whatever that may mean.

If it is only worrying to you that your orange juice is being mixed with other fruit juices, then I am obliged to remind you that the use of the "and/or" implies that even the label manufacturers are often not sure what juice the orange concentrate is being mixed with. If you are one of the nitpickers who points out that adding sodium benzoate means that it is no longer 100% fruit juice. The concentration of sodium benzoate has to be less than 0.1% by law, meaning that the juice is indeed 99.9 something percent fruit juice. There is no crime in rounding up, especially by such a small amount.

What is more concerning are sweets. I came across a couple of packets of sweets recently that proclaimed "Made from real fruit juice" prominently on the front of the packaging. Out of curiosity, I picked up a packet of the strawberry flavoured sweets and examined the ingredients, which did indeed state that it contained "apple juice concentrate (4%)". Out of curiosity, I picked up a packet of orange flavoured sweets, which stated the same.

On a slightly related note, it is incredibly likely that my laptop's casing was made from real dinosaurs.

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